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Nutrient Value & Benefits of Red Capsicum

  • Capsicum is also known as Shimla Mirch. It’s sweet and tangy, which makes the green vegetables tend to taste more bitter.
  • Capsicum found in different colors like Red capsicum, Yellow capsicum, Green capsicum, Orange capsicum, and Purple/Black capsicum. Red capsicums which contain more phytonutrients than other capsicums have the highest antioxidants content.
  • It has 11 times more beta-carotene, and one and a half times more vitamin C than green varieties.
  • Green capsicums contain less sugar than red, yellow or orange Capsicums.
  • Multiple Benefits of having capsicum like boost our immune system, improve eye vision health, Prevents Anemia, Reduces Anxiety, Prevents Cancer, Improves Bone Health, helping in weight loss.


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