Order Fruits & Vegetables Online From ApnaSabji Store

Apnasabji is an online fruits and vegetable store. All the customers from Delhi-NCR can order fruits & veggies from their homes & get delivery of Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetable at their doorstep. We offer a wide range of fruits and vegetables along with exotic fruits and exotic vegetables for daily needs at the lowest price. Nowadays With the increase in online ordering of vegetables and fruits, the biggest issues faced by most of the customers are the non-delivery of fresh vegetables or the delivery of rotten vegetables. As a practice, traditional retailers buy in bulk and store for future requirements, with the absence of proper inventory management and low shelf –life, vegetables tend to get rotten resulting in the delivery of poor quality vegetables. To overcome this issue Apnasabji is dealing with a zero inventory model as we have tied up with local farmers, on a daily basis we are purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits which are handpicked to ensure our customers get farm fresh quality at the lowest rate.